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Arnold CR is a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, outdoor inclusion, and building wellness and capacity within systematically oppressed communities and organizations that serve them. We provide research, evaluation, and strategic planning services and implement community programming and opportunities.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson, always telling it like it is. We are at the mercy of nature; at the same time so beautiful, inspiring, and reviving yet at the same time dangerous, scary, and destructive.

The changes made to prevent flooding and destruction after Hurricane Katrina helped, but still weren't enough.

Some communities, like Lafitte and Grand Isle, are in total ruin and need better protection from the storms that will not stop pummeling the area every summer.


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Louisiana areas hardest-hit by Hurricane Ida need a fundamental change in how they're protected, official says


Join us on Sept. 25 at the Virtual Sharktoberfest 2021 presented by the Greater Farallones Association.


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Virtual Sharktoberfest 2021 - Greater Farallones Association


Ida hit Louisiana 16 years — almost to the day — after Katrina. How were they different?
Was Ida stronger?
This analysis from The Washington Post visualizes how they were different and why that matters.

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Wind ‘fingerprints’ show how Ida turned out to be a very different kind of storm from Katrina


"Queen & Slim," written by Lena Waithe, is a film with a story of love, loss, race, and ultimately tragedy that focuses on the nuances of Black experience in America today.

Something worth keeping an eye out for.

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Filmmaking is building and telling the story of our community


It's not so much about how many trees are planted, but how and why they're planted when and where.


Hurricanes look beautiful from space, don't they?
But when you think about how much destruction is happening under that white spiral, it's difficult to fathom.
Louisiana, where Arnold CR is based, is without power and necessities and will be for a while yet.

As you ...know, Arnold CR is a nonprofit. Your donations are used to sustain operations and support people-centered programming. All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Arnold CR is running on generators after the onslaught of Hurricane Ida. And we can't help thinking how diesel generators are so smelly and noxious for the environment.

The next best option is natural gas generators and for places with plenty of sun; solar generators.

...Communities need generators for emergency situations like the one we're going through now, there must be a cleaner and more efficient way than burning diesel so close to home.

Art and the outdoors have been linked to each other since the beginning of time. Landscape artistry in the modern era is one of the most obvious connections.⠀

Let's take a moment to remember Robert S. Duncanson, one of the most famous Black landscape artists in history. The ...painting in the graphic is of Little Miami River sometime in the 1800s.⠀

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