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Arnold CR is a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, outdoor inclusion, and building wellness and capacity within systematically oppressed communities and organizations that serve them. We provide research, evaluation, and strategic planning services and implement community programming and opportunities.

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As a contributor to Arnold CR, we make sure your donation is used to sustain operations and support people-centered programming.

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This is a team effort, and we want to inspire you to take part in your communities, in environmental stewardship projects, in taking your family to the mountains, and much more.
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For far too long, the outdoors has been an experience that doesn't feel welcoming to Black People. There is too much stigma, racial environmental injustice and a lack of equity for our communities.
Arnold CR™ is on a mission to change that. Join us! https://bit.ly/3qa2n7a

Have you y'all seen this tweet?

It's epic.
We couldn't say it better.

Think of better, sustainable gifts!

Giving the gift of the outdoors to children is a memory they will keep forever. Even if you're social distancing now, there must a park with enough open areas to enjoy nature in your area.
Best of all, these activities are free, apart from gas and snacks of course.
Use the link below ...to find parks close to where you live and get yourself and the kids outdoors for the day (or an afternoon).
If you don't feel like the type of person that feels comfortable being outdoors, have been thinking of doing it but are weary, get in touch with me. Let's chat about it.

Here at Arnold CR™ we are always on the lookout for collaboration and donation opportunities.

As a non-profit, we have to work hand in hand with entities or individuals that are looking to help.

If you believe in improving the outdoor and environmental experience for Black ...communities, you can donate to our cause or volunteer in our projects and events.

Listen to this podcast where Leah Penniman talks about her experience and book about Farming while Black.


When we talk about "the outdoors" we mean any place with fresh air and some greenery. Your backyard, your balcony, a rooftop garden, a park, a botanical garden, a river, a mountain, a lake.

What's the first natural outdoor place that made an impression on you as a kid?
Join us to make sure every child has the opportunity to experience nature in the outdoors.

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If you wish you can also donate to our NPO, so we can keep working towards this goal. https://bit.ly/3bO6YUc

If you have the possibility to plant a tree somewhere, do it.
Start small if you have to, and start growing from seeds at home.

Keep and sprout seeds from apricots, peaches, avocados, apples and any fruit you eat. Ask around if anyone has the space to grow some trees and give them your... saplings when they're big enough to put in the ground. Find out what's a good time for that specific type of tree.