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Arnold CR is a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, outdoor inclusion, and building wellness and capacity within systematically oppressed communities and organizations that serve them. We provide research, evaluation, and strategic planning services and implement community programming and opportunities.

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New Film: The Forgotten Slavery of Our Ancestors

👉🏾 This short, classroom-ready film offers an introduction to the history of Indigenous enslavement on land that is currently the United States.


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New Film: The Forgotten Slavery of Our Ancestors


If your present situation isn't exactly the best for going off on adventures, there are ways to get some air while having a bit of fun.

Sidewalk chalk painting is fun and not only for kids. Plus, cleaning up is easy, just hose it down or let rain do the work!

Poplar fluff is one of those things that just makes you wonder about nature and its ways. The fluff falls and blows away from the poplars right before the summer and covers the surrounding area. This spreads poplar seeds for new growth and looks magnificently strange.

BTW, poplar fluff ...does not aggravate pollen allergies, it just shows up at the same time as other pollen does! Many cities stopped planting female poplars to avoid the fluff, but in some places it's still a yearly phenomenon. Also, did you know it is highly flammable?

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Camping involves gear in order to be comfortable.
Here's a simple checklist that fits anyone. But there are many other things that are specific to each person or style of camping.
Always check online to see what type of gear you'll need for the camping you are planning to do.
...Consider things like:
- The weather
- The location
- Distance from urban or suburban areas
- Altitude
- Length of stay
- Will you be hiking?
- Will you make camp once or at various times in different places?
Being prepared is essential to having a great camping experience!

Do you want to talk about your experience with camping as a Black person? Message us, we'd love to talk.

Have y'all or your kids ever tried rock climbing? If you've never done it in the wild, it'd be easier to start at an indoor rock climbing space.

In the photo is our youngest member of Arnold CR™, he keeps things bright around here!

Snow is one of those things that some people really love and some people can't stand.
Which one of those are you?

Are you an environmentally-conscious or sustainable corporation looking to collaborate with an NPO that works with Black and underfunded communities?
Let's improve environmental equity together! Get in touch to find out how you can support, donate or collaborate by visiting our website. ...https://bit.ly/3ELkDaQ

Whenever you go and spend more time outdoors, try and find a physical activity to go along with it.
When camping in the mountains, you can go hiking
On the beach, you can swim or play tag
On sand dunes, you can sled
What other activities have you or your kids done when spending time... outside?
Share in the comments below.

The role of Black People in forestry is something we should all know more about. Start by reading this article and then explore further.
This is Ralph Brock, the first Black forester in the US! https://bit.ly/2XU5nJd