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Arnold CR is a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, outdoor inclusion, and building wellness and capacity within systematically oppressed communities and organizations that serve them. We provide research, evaluation, and strategic planning services and implement community programming and opportunities.

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Here's a practical article to help you recognize any harmful plants that might be growing in your yard. These can not only hurt your flower and crop beds, but also your pets and kids if they happen to eat them by mistake.


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10 Ways Your Backyard Can Hurt You


Recovery from Hurricane Ida is taking a toll on the areas where the worst destruction happened. In some locations, the impacts of Hurricane Katrina are still evident.

Yes, it takes that long for underserved communities to recover from natural disasters.

Join us in the work to ...improve this environmental injustice situation in our communities. https://ed.gr/dmu0s

If you love eating blueberries and live in an area with at least 140 frost-free days a year, you can easily grow them yourself.⠀

You don't need anything fancy, a blueberry bush can grow on your patio and yield fruit every year!⠀
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Meet Brooklyn Bell; an artist, graphic designer and avid outdoor person. Her art is highly inspired by the outdoors and we find it truly lovely.

Click on her website link to see more illustrations.

Of the more than 10,000 summits of Everest that have been completed, only six climbers have been Black, and among them, only one has been an American.

Relative to the overall population of non-white people in the modern world, that number should be much higher.

We couldn't ...agree more! We'll be following along with the news from the Full Circle Expedition to Everest, the first all Black American team to aim for the summit.


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The first all-Black American expedition of Everest is officially underway


Hi, Y'all!
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In case you don't know who we are, this is Arnold CR. We're a Black-owned NPO on a journey to preserve, promote, and advocate for ecosystems, public lands, parks, and green spaces.


Do you know how strong gale force winds are? They're the ones that break down trees and tear down light poles. For us that live close to the tropics, gale force winds are actually pretty common whenever there's a big storm or a hurricane is close by.

They can be scary if ...you're outdoors. If you're camping and gale force winds start to hit the campsite, find shelter that will keep you safe from falling trees and large branches.


This isn't a new article, it's from a couple of years ago, but the message is, of course, still relevant. It's a situation we are working hard to make a dent in. Our communities deserve better.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson, always telling it like it is. We are at the mercy of nature; at the same time so beautiful, inspiring, and reviving yet at the same time dangerous, scary, and destructive.