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Arnold CR is a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, outdoor inclusion, and building wellness and capacity within systematically oppressed communities and organizations that serve them. We provide research, evaluation, and strategic planning services and implement community programming and opportunities.

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With the summer in full swing, what are y'all planning for the weekends?
☀️ A beach day?
☀️ A kiddie pool in the backyard and a cookout?
☀️ A short hike?
☀️ Some fishing?

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Replacing regular lightbulbs - even the energy saving ones - with LED lights has a great impact on the energy you use.

Have you changed your bulbs to LED yet?

Thanks to Beautiful News Daily for the graphic!

"The south-east, particularly North Carolina and Virginia, is notorious for its coal ash deposits, spills, and anti-regulation mentality. People of color have outsized exposure to coal ash pollution, which contains carcinogens like mercury, lead, and arsenic. The EPA estimates that 1.5 million... people of color live in areas vulnerable to contamination." https://bit.ly/3wkj9Bq

👉🏾 By celebrating Indigenous values and history, these brands are keeping traditions alive, reclaiming cultural designs, and sharing them authentically through modern Indigenous perspectives.

When you support companies like these, it benefits the entrepreneurs, artists, creators, ...communities, and the initiatives they champion. Here are six brands that aren’t just making awesome things, but also making an impact. 👈🏾


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6 Indigenous-Owned Outdoor Brands You Should Know About

Meet the companies making rad products and empowering communities


This is your weekly reminder that enjoying the outdoors is everyone's right as human beings.
Whenever you're out there, don't forget to take it in!
Find the closest tree, bush, or flower and connect, even if only for a moment.

Here's a practical article to help you recognize any harmful plants that might be growing in your yard. These can not only hurt your flower and crop beds, but also your pets and kids if they happen to eat them by mistake. https://bit.ly/3bKzy8S

The plastic bag problem is tricky. The effect of single use plastic bags is more about how it litters but is actually lower when it comes to gas emissions from their production. That's why, after many studies, scientists are recommending that the BEST alternative is to reuse the bags you ...already have.

- Reuse bags you already have from previous visits to the shop.
- Don't throw bags away after one use, reuse them!
- Don't buy any more cotton totes, you probably have enough. Use them!
- Use biodegradable bags.

Thanks to Beautiful News Daily for the graph.
Thanks to Our World in Data for the info.

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